(Brown Rice Available upon Request)

Nigiri Sushi

Filets of raw or marinated fresh fish on seasoned white rice

Two pieces per serving


Maguro*                     tuna                              5.00

Hamachi*                    yellowtail                      5.25

Sake*                          salmon                          4.75

Ikura*                         salmon roe                    5.50

Saba*                           mackerel                      4.00

Hirame*                      flounder                        4.00

Suzuki*                       sea bass                        4.00

Ebi                               shrimp                          4.50

Orange Tobiko*         flying fish roe                4.00

Unagi                           fresh water eel              5.25

Tako                            octopus                         4.00

Uni*                            sea urchin                     6.00

Tamago                       baked egg                     4.00

Crabmeat                                                        4.75

Albacore*                   white tuna                     4.50

Mirugai*                     giant clam                 Special

Smoke Salmon                                                4.50

Kanikama                    crab stick                     4.00

Add raw quail egg *                                        1.50

Any sushi is available in sashimi ($2.00 extra)

Also is available in hand roll.



Raw fish and seasoned white rice in thin

 seaweed roll. Six pieces per serving.


Tekka Maki*              tuna roll                        4.75
Hamachi Maki*         
yellowtail roll                 4.75

Sake Maki*                salmon roll                    4.75

Kappa Maki                cucumber roll                4.25

Avocado Maki            avocado roll                  4.25

Negi hama Maki*       yellowtail w/ scallions    4.95

Negi maguro Maki*   tuna w/ scallion s           4.95

Smoked salmon Maki  smoked salmon            4.95

Asparagus                   asparagus roll                4.25

Any Hosomaki is available in hand roll.



Miso                                                                3.25


Other Appetizers


Edamame (Steamed Soy bean pods)              5.95

Shumai (Steamed or fried)                             5.95


Telephone: 617-928-0900



Designer Rolls

Inside out roll

Six pieces per serving

Fresh Lobster roll (4 pieces)                         8.95

fresh lobster with spicy mayo

California roll 1*                                             8.95

fresh crab meat/cucumber/avocado/tobiko

California 2                                                     6.50

crab stick/cucumber/avocado

Spicy Tekka Roll*                                          6.25

tuna with special spicy sauce

Tuna Avo*                  or Una-Avo Maki       6.25

tuna/avocado                      eel/avocado

Sakekyu Roll*             or Unakyu Maki         6.25

salmon/cucumber               eel/cucumber

Spicy Sake Roll*                                             6.25

salmon with special spicy sauce

Salmon Skin Roll                                             6.25

salmon skin/cucumber/scallions

East Coast Grill Roll                                       6.50

grilled eel/cucumber/cream cheese/barbeque sauce

South End Roll                                                  6.50

cream cheese/smoked salmon/cucumber/lettuce

Futo Maki (4 pieces)  8 different ingredients    6.95

Boston Roll* (4 pieces)                                  6.25


Shrimp Tempura Roll                                     7.25

shrimp tempura/tobiko outside/spicy mayo

Caterpillar Roll                                               10.95

eel and cucumber wrapped in avocado

Spider Roll*                                                    11.95

soft shell crab/lettuce/cucumber/avocado/tobiko

Scorpion Maki*                                               9.50

Eel, avocado, cucumber, tobiko covered with shrimp

Rainbow Maki*                                              13.50

Crab / cucumber / avocado / tobiko covered w/ variety of

Fresh raw fish (Tuna, Salmon, Yellow-tail, Unagi)


Set menu

Nigiri Deluxe*                                                 19.95

8 pieces prime nigiri sushi + spicy tuna roll

Maki Deluxe* (18 pieces + 1 hand roll)         19.95

Prime selection of Maki (spicy tuna roll,

California roll, salmon roll, and lobster hand roll)

Sashimi Deluxe* (19 pieces)                          25.95

Assortment of raw fish



* Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish or egg may increase your risk of food borne illness